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Top News on ADA Compliant Websites

All websites in the United states and around the world are vulnerable to the potential of being sued for not having their websites ADA Compliant. The majority of businesses with websites are not aware that they must incorporate ADA compliance and because of this will face lawsuits. This is fairly new to websites but should not be taken lightly because there is already a legal precedent set. The Department of Justice has already made it perfectly clear that ADA compliance for websites are the way of the future.

What is ADA

ADA stands for Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) which is now one of the most important things that should be applied to everyone who owns websites. The act has been around since 1990 and was passed by the federal government to assist individuals with disabilities who depend on certain accommodations to function properly in their daily activities. The Americans With Disabilities Act is a civil rights law that applies to State and local government, employment, public and private spaces, telecommunication, transportation and building codes.

Why ADA Compliance Applies To Your Website

Your site could potentially be discriminating against people with physical disabilities. ADA Compliance applies to websites now and the masses do not realize this. The majority of websites are discriminating certain individuals by not having text to speech for the hearing impaired or may have inappropriate file types, colors and fonts that are needed for the visually impaired. Correcting these legal requirements are of the utmost importance in the protection of your business.

Well Known Americans With Disabilities Act Lawsuits

There are many wineries that needed to update their websites in the wake of the Americans With Disabilities Act compliance guidelines. Industry giants like Netflix and Amazon were making mistakes when it came to bringing their websites up to industry ADA standards. Recently Domino’s Pizza had a lawsuit that went all the way to the Supreme Court that was originally brought against them from a blind man that was having issues ordering food off their website and mobile app. Even Beyonce was sued because her website was not complying with the Americans With Disabilities Act guidelines.

Avoiding ADA Compliance Lawsuits

Best way to protect your organization is to make sure your website is ADA Compliant and to check regularly that the government has not released updates or recommendation changes. Because almost all businesses are way to busy to keep up with all these changes it is easier to hire a Digital Marketing expert like James Bruce to do all the heavy lifting so to speak. Our search marketing consultant can help with this website transition with ease. Optimizing your website to comply with ADA requirements is one of our specialties and can be achieved with a small fee that is quite minor compared to the high amount that legal lawsuits will entail.

For further information on how to properly protect your business website from Americans With Disabilities Act lawsuits please contact us. We would be happy to help solve any issues regarding your website’s ADA compliance issues.